Battery Block for Solar Energy System

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Rated voltage:12.8V / 25.6V
Rated capacity:50Ah / 100Ah / 200Ah
PV module power: 640W / 1280W / 2560 / 5120W
Dimensions: view in the parameter table below
Weight: view in the parameter table below
Product warranty: 2 Year

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The most important features when selecting a battery or solar kit

1. Capacity
The capacity is the current intensity in ampere (a). When the battery is fully charged, it can be obtained from the full discharge of the battery.

2. Charging efficiency
Charging efficiency is the ratio of the energy used to fill the battery to the actual stored energy. Therefore, the closer to 100% the better.

3. Self-discharge
Self-discharge is a process in which the battery tends to discharge when not in use.

4. Discharge depth
Discharge depth is the energy (%) obtained during full load discharge.

Advantages of Maxbo Battery Block

✔ OLED power display screen and switch buttons
✔ Rugged stainless-steel body with good looking
✔ High protection level IP65
✔ Quick connection and insulation protection
✔ Stainless steel handles guarantee 3000 fatigue tests
✔ Support external connections in series with voltage up to 51.2V

Batteries are very important in off-grid systems

In an off-grid solar system, when the solar modules produce more electricity than is required by the electricity system, the excess energy is used to charge the batteries. The electricity stored in the batteries is then made available to customers when the electricity supply is low, ensuring that there is always enough power available to avoid power shortages.


Working principle

The battery converts the electrical energy received from the photovoltaic module into chemical energy. This conversion is carried out by the reaction that takes place when two different materials (such as the materials of the positive plate and the negative plate) are immersed in the electrolyte. The electrolyte is a solution of sulfuric acid and water. Once a circuit is connected between the positive and negative poles, current flows from the battery. As the battery discharges, the composition of lead in the plates becomes more similar. At this time, the acid concentration decreases and the voltage between terminals decreases. The ability to experience a constant charge and discharge process is called the cycle resistance of the battery.

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Battery Capacity 50Ah (640W) 100Ah (1280W) 50Ah (1280W) 200Ah (2560W) 100Ah (2560W) 200Ah (5120W)
Battery Norminal Voltage 12.8V 12.8V 25.6V 12.8V 25.6V 25.6V
Battery Type LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Discharge Discharge Current Max Continuous 50A 100A 50A 100A 100A 100A
Discharge Voltage Minimum 10.8V 10.8V 21.6V 10.8V 21.6V 21.6V
Charge Charge Current Max Continuous 25A 50A 25A 50A 50A 50A
Charge Voltage 14.8V 14.8V 29.6V 14.8V 29.6V 29.6V
Physical Parameters Pulse Current 5 Sec 75A 150A 65A 150A 150A 150A
Dimensions L*W*H(mm) 180*140*210 320*140*210 320*140*210 320*250*210 22.5kg±0.5kg 46kg±0.5kg
Weight 6.7kg±0.5kg 12.3kg±0.5kg 12.3kg±0.5kg 22.5kg±0.5kg 320*250*210 320*470*210
Calendar Life & Performance Guarantee a. 3500 cycles or 5 years , whichever comes first
b. 1500 cycles or 2 years , whichever comes first
Special Performance Operating Temperature Charging:0℃ to 50℃
Discharging :-20℃ to 60℃
Storage Temperature 1 year : -20~25℃
3 months : -20~45℃
1 month : -20~60℃
Relative Humidity (R H) 20~60 (No Condensed Water)
Protection IP65
Safety Certificate IEC 62040
Transportation UN38.3

Certifications and Standards

CE and UL certification, two-year warranty.
Gel battery is applicable to off grid system and hybrid system.

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