Half-cell Monofacial Module 530W – 550W

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PV module power: 530W, 535W, 540W,545W, 550W
Technology: Half-cell Monofacial Module
Solar Cell: Monocrystalline silicon 182 mm
No. of Cells: 144 (6 × 24)
MAX. Efficiency: 21.30%
Dimensions: 2279 × 1134 × 35 mm (89.7 × 44.6 × 1.4 inches)
Weight: 27.5 kgs (60.6 lbs.)
Product warranty: 12 Year

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New clean energy, the future trend!

Solar photovoltaic panels absorb solar energy as energy and convert it into electric energy for use in power suppliers or factories. Electricity generated through solar energy is a clean source of energy and a renewable source of energy that can be used anywhere in the world. This means that this energy is available free of charge in a constant stream and does not have any negative impact on the environment. As resources are depleted, we will have to rely more on solar energy to reduce the cost of energy use and to protect the natural environment on which we depend. The abundance of renewable energy is also sustainable, making solar energy an essential and important player in our future and that of the world.

Solar PV panels are everywhere

Due to the fact that solar energy does not produce pollutants and is inexhaustible compared to other traditional energy sources such as oil, people are realizing the importance of photovoltaic systems and are increasingly using photovoltaic panels. At Maxbo alone, we have produced and contributed to a large number of solar panels for this purpose, either for domestic solar systems or for large projects in factories. Also in unused open spaces, such as deserts, where the wasteland itself is useless, the installation of solar panels is just right for these areas and makes these useless areas a remarkable contribution to people's productive lives. Also, the installation of solar panels in many domestic systems is very suitable. Therefore, solar panels are appearing more and more frequently in human production life and the total value of production is growing every year. It is very mature and promising.

Photovoltaic panels play an important role in this

Solar panels are a very important medium for us to use this solar clean energy. It efficiently converts solar energy into the electricity we need for the production and use of workers.



PV module power 530W 535W 540W 545W 550W
Electrical Characteristics Testing Condition STC NMOT STC NMOT STC NMOT STC NMOT STC NMOT
Maximum Power (Pmax/W) 530 400.6 535 404.3 540 408 545 411.5 550 415
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp/V) 41.39 38.2 41.57 38.4 41.75 38.6 41.87 38.7 42.05 38.9
Optimum Operating Current (Imp/A) 12.81 10.47 12.87 10.53 12.94 10.58 13.02 10.63 13.08 10.67
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V) 49.24 46.3 49.39 46.4 49.54 46.5 49.69 46.7 49.88 46.9
Short Circuit Current (Isc/A) 13.76 11.02 13.83 11.08 13.89 11.13 13.96 11.18 14.01 11.22
Module Efficiency (%) 20.5 20.7 20.9 21.1 21.3
Mechanical Characteristics MAX EFFICIENCY 21.30%
Solar Cell Monocrystalline silicon 182 mm
No. of Cells 144 (6 × 24)
Dimensions 2279 × 1134 × 35 mm (89.7 × 44.6 × 1.4 inches)
Weight 27.5 kgs (60.6 lbs.)
Front Glass 3.2 mm (0.126 inches) fully tempered glass
Output Cables 4.0 mm2 ,
(-) 350 mm and (+) 160 mm in length or customized length
Junction Box IP68 rated (3 bypass diodes)
Operating Module Temperature  -40 °C to +85 °C
Maximum System Voltage 1500 V DC (IEC)
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 25 A
Power Tolerance 0/+5 W
Temperature Characteristics Nominal Module Operating Temperature (NMOT) 42 ± 2 °C
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax  -0.34%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Voc  - 0.25%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Isc 0.050%/°C
Packing Configuration Container 40 ’ HC
Pieces per pallet 31
Pallets per container 20
Pieces per container 620
Packaging box dimensions 2310×1130×1255 mm
Packaging box weight 902 kg


Current-Voltage & Power-Voltage Curve (410S)




Certifications and Standards

CE IEC 61730 IEC 61215
SA 8000 Social Responsibility Standards
ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO 14001 Environment Management System
ISO 45001 Occupational Henlth and Safety
IEC TS 62941 Guideline for module design
qualification and type approval


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