Hybrid solar energy system – Higher power (over 10kW)

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10kW – Hybrid solar energy system
20kW – Hybrid solar energy system
30kW – Hybrid solar energy system


Full set of solutions
All components of the system can be customized according to your needs !
Variety of brands to choose!
>> Lower Power – Hybrid Solar Energy System

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When selecting a solar system for a home, research facility, business or industry, people often choose either a grid-tied solar system or an off-grid solar system. However, there is another type of solar system that is more versatile and that is the "hybrid solar system". This type of system is a combination of a grid-tied solar system and an off-grid solar system, with both grid-tied and off-grid modes, allowing for more features and solving more problems. Like the off-grid system, it has a backup battery to store the power, but like the grid-connected system, it also has the ability to feed excess power into the main grid.

A hybrid solar system will work day and night, which means your home will always have power. It won't be like a grid-connected system that can't work without a power supply. A hybrid system is a combination of solar storage and grid connection - a combination of a grid-tied system and an off-grid system. The system is capable of storing electricity to a solar energy storage system. The electricity generated during the day would be stored in batteries instead of being fed back to the grid. This stored electricity can be used in the evening or at night instead of being purchased from the government grid at a higher price. If the system generates more power than it consumes and your batteries are fully charged, the surplus power can likewise be fed into the main grid via solar net metering, creating revenue.

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Obviously, investing in a hybrid solar system will significantly reduce your electric bill. The cost of a hybrid system is slightly higher than the other types of solar systems, but the system will provide you with an uninterrupted supply of electricity that will pay off over time and outweigh its cost. It is more practical than the other two systems.

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