Hybrid solar energy system – Lower power (up to 8kW)

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3kW – Hybrid solar energy system
5kW – Hybrid solar energy system
8kW – Hybrid solar energy system


Full set of solutions
All components of the system can be customized according to your needs !
Variety of brands to choose!
>> Higher Power – Hybrid Solar Energy System

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A hybrid solar system is similar to a grid-tied solar system in that it uses a hybrid inverter and adds batteries. One advantage of hybrid solar systems over grid-connected solar systems is that they can continue to generate electricity and provide power during a power outage. Most hybrid solar systems with battery storage can automatically isolate themselves from the grid (called islanding) in the event of a power outage and continue to provide some power during the outage. When the cost of electricity is high, hybrid solar systems are the best way to use them.

Advantages of hybrid solar systems: stores excess solar energy, reduces power consumption from the grid.
When electricity costs are high, users can prioritize the use of solar-generated electricity, and then use electricity from the grid when solar-generated electricity is not enough, which reduces the use of electricity from the grid, and if electricity from the grid is expensive, it is no wonder that off-grid too energy systems can be a good option for saving electricity costs. At the same time, the extra electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels can be stored by the energy storage system and taken out for use when needed later. Can effectively reduce the cost of electricity.

Disadvantages of hybrid solar systems: high battery price, complex installation, and need for more space.
Since the price of batteries is not a small amount, choosing a hybrid system also requires a combination of your budget and features, but the benefits of batteries are obvious. In addition, because hybrid solar systems are the most versatile of several solar systems, they also have the most components and complexity, making installation more complex and requiring more space. But as technology has evolved, Maxbo has also developed some all-in-one units that reduce the complexity of installation and manage the components modularly to ensure a cleaner, neater and space-saving installation. Any further questions can be answered by contacting online customer service.

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