Hybrid solar inverter – lower power (up to 6kW)

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Output Power: 3kW, 3.6kW, 4kW, 4.6kW, 6kW, 6kW, Customizable
DC input voltage: 125V
AC output voltage: 230VAC / 176VAC~270VAC
Battery Voltage Range: 40V ~ 58V

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Hybrid Solar Inverter – Lower Power (Up To 6kW)-details3
Hybrid solar inverter – higher power (above 8kW)-details3

Hybrid inverters are a great option for the average home that wants to be more self-sufficient in powering itself with solar systems and batteries, but doesn't intend to disconnect from the grid.

Principle of operation

The hybrid inverter acts as an intelligent management system that transmits the electricity generated by the solar module by absorbing solar energy to the grid. At the same time, it can also be used as a charger for the battery, which can be used with the battery to store the electricity generated, forming an efficient energy management system. At the same time, in winter or rainy days when there is not enough light, the hybrid inverter can take electricity from the grid for customers to use, avoiding interruptions in the electricity supply. All in all, hybrid inverters have three main functions: energy conversion, battery charger, and sending power to/from the grid. In comparison, the hybrid inverter is the most versatile compared to the simple on-grid and off-grid inverters.

Hybrid Solar Inverter – Lower Power (Up To 6kW)-details2

Is a hybrid inverter right for you?

The primary consideration in choosing a hybrid inverter is that it has a larger initial investment compared to other inverters. However, if you need to connect to the grid and also intend to add some energy storage system to store some power for later use to avoid power supply shortage, which coincides with your needs, the hybrid inverter is perfect for you, then these extra investments are very necessary.

Can a hybrid inverter be taken off the grid?

In general, hybrid inverters are not an option for going off-grid. However, if you need to do so, hybrid inverters are available in off-grid mode and you only need to prepare a storage system with sufficient capacity to be completely off-grid. If you still need grid-connected functionality, the hybrid inverter is still suitable for you. However, if you only need to use the off-grid mode, an off-grid inverter is a better choice.


Rated output power 3kW 3.6kw 4kW 4.6kW 5kW 6kW
DC input Max. Input Power 4.6kW 6kW 7kW
Start-up Voltage 125V
Max. PV Voltage 550V
MPPT Range 125V ~ 500V / 360V
Max. Input Current 14A / 14A
MPPT Tracker/Strings 2/1
AC output Rated Power W / VA 3kVA / 3kW 3.6kVA / 3.6kW 4kVA / 4kW 4.6kVA / 4.6kW 5kVA / 5kW 6kVA / 6kW
Max. output Current 13A 16A 17.4A 20A 21.7A 26A
Nominal Voltage/Range 230VAC / 176VAC~270VAC
Frequency 50/60Hz
PF 1 (0.8lagging-0.8leading)
THDI <3%
AC output Topology L+N+PE
Battery Battery Voltage Range 40V ~ 58V
Max. Chargung Voltage 58V
Charge/Discharge Current 95A / 62.2A 95A / 75A 95A / 83.3A 95A / 95.8A 95A / 104.2A 95A / 110A
Battery type Lithium / Lead-acid
Communication Interface CAN
ESP Output Rated Power 3kVA / 3kW 3.6kVA / 3.6kW 4kVA / 4kW 4.6kVA / 4.6kW 5kVA / 5kW 6kVA / 6kW
Related Voltage / Frequency 230VAC
Rated Current 13A 16A 17.4A 20A 21.7A 26A
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Automatic Switchover Time <20ms
THUD <2%
Overload capacity 110%, 60s / 120%, 30s / 150%, 10s
General Data Battery Charge / Diacharge 95%
DC Max. Efficiency 97.60%
Euro  Efficiency 97.00%
MPPT  Efficiency 99.90%
Protection class IP65
Noise Emission (Typical) <35dB
Operation Temperature  -25℃~60℃
Cooling Natural
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude 2000m
Dimensions ( W/D/H ) mm 550/200/515mm
Weight 25kg
Inverter Topology Transformerless
Self-Consumption <3W
Features Display LCD
Interface RS485 / WiFi (option) / LAN (option) / CAN / DRM
Certification CE, TUV, SAA, IEC62166:2014, IEC61683:1999
Hybrid solar inverter – higher power (above 8kW)-details4
Hybrid solar inverter – higher power (above 8kW)-details2

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