Maxbo establishes an online sales department and is listed on Alibaba’s international website

On 22 December 2021, after a series of discussions and preparations by the leadership, Maxbo’s online sales division was officially launched.Due to various reasons such as social and corporate development planning, Maxbo invested part of its sales business in online sales and officially entered the Alibaba International Station, becoming a certified professional seller on the Alibaba platform.This means that we have opened up online sales channels.In the future, customers can not only reach cooperation with us in the traditional way, but also directly connect with our professional sales staff online and reach cooperation.It improves the efficiency of cooperation with each other, allowing us to provide services to users more conveniently. It is a very important decision made by maxbo in the sales strategy.




When users enter the homepage of maxbo New Energy Co., Ltd. from Alibaba International Station, they can see that the products we mainly sell on the platform are our most professional solar energy systems (including off-grid, grid-connected and hybrid systems).Among them, we have our own factories for inverters, photovoltaic panels, batteries, etc., and can customize the most professional and user-friendly system for you.It can also be seen that in addition to our most professional solar system, we also cooperate with our partners to provide you with high-quality solar lamps, solar folding panels and solar water pumps and other photovoltaic industry related products.If users have any needs and doubts, they can contact our professional technicians directly through the platform to design and provide you with the best solution.

In the future, maxbo will continue to focus on the company’s vision, devote more energy to R&D and production of better quality products, and do our part for the photovoltaic industry. At the same time, we continuously improve and learn, improve the technical and professional knowledge level of all employees, and provide users with more professional solutions and guidance.



Post time: Dec-22-2021