To save a total investment of 2 million yuan for the 3.7MW project, Trina Solar’s “Green Energy” will become the top financial stream of the new Jin Dynasty

Recently, the 3.7MW Trina Blue Sky original industrial and commercial project of Nangui Aluminum has been connected to the grid. It is estimated that the annual power generation will be 2.866 million kilowatt hours, saving more than 2.6 million yuan of electricity consumption per year, and reducing 2887.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The idle roofs in the park have been effectively used, and the workshop working environment has been greatly improved while creating profits.


01. Nangui Aluminum Group

Nangui Group is an innovation demonstration "high-tech enterprise". In Baise City, Guangxi, Jianli, Hubei Province, has two production bases, mainly producing solar photovoltaic aluminum frames, industrial aluminum, aluminum profiles for buildings and aluminum for automobiles, furniture and household appliances. The annual aluminum processing capacity reaches 200000 tons. Headquartered in the Guangxi Aluminum Demonstration Industrial Park, Chuangye Road, Jianli City, Hubei Province, covering an area of more than 1250 mu, it is one of the large-scale garden type aluminum production enterprises in China.

Nangui Group has always been committed to building a green energy enterprise. After the country proposed the goal of "carbon neutral and carbon peak", in response to the national call, Nangui Group established Hubei Nangui New Energy Co., Ltd. on December 30, 2020, and began to enter the field of distributed photovoltaic power generation investment business. At the same time, it also entered the field of distributed photovoltaic power generation investment while aluminum products are transforming to solar energy frames. While carrying out its own energy transformation, build a new photovoltaic building materials industrial park to speed up the "double carbon" track.


02. Details of Original Items

Through investigation and communication with many domestic photovoltaic enterprises, Nangui Aluminum Group highly recognized the enterprise strength and original solutions of Trina Blue Sky, and finally chose the original industrial and commercial system of Trina Blue Sky and the supporting "Green Energy" financial solution to build the first photovoltaic power station of Nangui Group. In the process of project construction, in view of the difficulties in financing and high interest rate of photovoltaic projects of private enterprises in the industry, Trina Blue Sky has configured the "Green Energy Link" financial tool for Nangui Group. The financing interest rate is 30% lower than the traditional financial model, saving the total investment of more than 2 million yuan for Nangui Group. At the same time, according to the local sunshine and electricity price, the income of the power station is calculated, and the loan life and quarterly repayment mode that do not affect the cash flow are designed for Nangui Group. There is no repayment pressure, and the production and sales of the main business are not affected. With the help of Trina Solar's exclusive financial product "Green Energy Link", the Nangui project only took more than three months from negotiation to implementation.

After the completion of the project, the annual average power generation is about 2.866 million kWh, which is expected to save 2.6 million yuan of electricity cost annually, and reduce 2887.5 tons of carbon dioxide annually. The second phase of the project will be carried out in Qing'an Aluminum, Junlan Aluminum, Taiwan Aluminum Technology and other enterprises in the park, which will turn a large area of idle roofs in the park into valuable resources and greatly improve the working environment of workshops while creating profits. Peng Xiaolong, Chairman of Nangui Group, said that this cooperation with Trina Solar Blue Sky has given full play to their respective industrial advantages. Hubei Nangui New Energy Project is an important measure to implement the enterprise's green ecological transformation strategy. In the future, the company will promote the development of green energy and low-carbon energy with higher goals and greater determination, and contribute to the strength of Nangui to achieve the national "double carbon" goal.

Trina Solar is a leading brand of distributed photovoltaic in China. Based on the original packaging standard, it has established a strict quality management system, equipped with a professional technical team, strong financial support and a sound training enabling system. In the future, Trina Blue Sky will always adhere to the original standard as the basis to ensure the stable and continuous operation of the power station throughout the life cycle of power generation, create real economic benefits for users, follow the national strategy, help "promote the whole county", and promote the high-quality development of the industry with practical actions!


Post time: Oct-22-2022