Off-Grid solar energy system – Higher power (over 10kW)

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10kW – Off Grid solar energy system
15kW - Off Grid solar energy system
20kW - Off Grid solar energy system


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Off-grid systems are not connected to the grid and therefore require battery storage. Off-grid solar systems must be properly designed to ensure that the customer's electricity needs are met. Especially in rainy days or in winter when there is not enough light. Therefore, the amount of energy storage and solar panels need to be designed specifically for the customer's electricity needs and the local light. Not only do they need to prevent a shortage of electricity supply to ensure that there is enough power for the customer all year round, but they also cannot be accompanied by too many components that would reduce utilization and increase costs.

The high cost of both batteries and off-grid inverters can make off-grid systems much more expensive than grid-connected systems, so they are usually only needed in remote areas far from the grid, where they would otherwise be too costly to be cost effective. However, with the development of batteries and the PV industry, battery costs are falling rapidly, so the market for off-grid solar cell systems is growing even in towns and cities.

How off-grid systems work

The diagram below is a simple schematic of an off-grid system. It can be seen that the entire first thing that happens is that the solar panel absorbs the light from the sun and converts it from solar energy into electricity, which is then converted into direct current. This DC power can either be stored in the battery or given to some DC loads through the controller, or it can be converted to AC power through the inverter for use by AC loads. In addition, when the sunlight is not enough, the electricity in the battery can also be converted into a suitable power source for the use of appliances through the inverter. This feature is good to avoid the problem of unstable and insufficient power.

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