Off-Grid solar energy system – Lower power (up to 5kW)

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1kW – Off Grid solar energy system
3kW - Off Grid solar energy system
5kW - Off Grid solar energy system


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>> Higher Power – Off Grid Solar Energy System

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Off-grid systems are not connected to the grid, so they require energy storage batteries. The right off-grid solar system can ensure that enough electricity and battery capacity is generated for a year to meet housing, industrial and commercial needs.

Applications of off-grid solar PV systems

a) Rural and remote areas
To this day, 2 billion people worldwide live in remote areas where the electricity supply is extremely inadequate and the grid cannot reach them. This has a significant impact on their daily lives and health care, among other things. Off-grid systems do not need to rely on the grid, and can start working wherever there is light, so they are well positioned to provide independent, sustainable power for people in these areas.

b) Emergency power in case of natural disasters
In the event of a natural disaster, the city's various infrastructure designs are damaged and normal sources of electricity are affected to some degree. At this time, solar systems can be used as an emergency power source, which can be put to good use in areas where natural disasters occur.

c) Provide backup power for customers with frequent power outages
In many areas of the world, there is an unstable lack of power supply. Some extreme climates can also be frequent to this situation, which can greatly affect the daily production life. Therefore, in such cases, off-grid solar systems can be used as a stable alternative to allow customers to continue using electricity without being affected by a shortage of power from the grid.

d) Solar water pumping systems
Solar water pumping systems are generally used in areas where electricity is not available to provide irrigation or daily water for agriculture or animal husbandry. Solar power systems are a good solution to the power supply problem and are safer and more reliable than other traditional power supply methods, without causing accidental damage and more environmentally friendly.

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