On-Grid solar energy system – Higher power (over 20kW)

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20kW – On Grid solar energy system
50kW - On Grid solar energy system
100kW - On Grid solar energy system


Full set of solutions
All components of the system can be customized according to your needs !
Variety of brands to choose!
>> Lower Power – On Grid Solar Energy System

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A grid-connected system is a system that connects a solar system to the utility grid. The excess power generated is sent to the utility grid and consumers are compensated. Likewise, when the system does not generate enough power, the consumer can draw power from the grid and pay for the units used. Connection to the grid is beneficial because consumers do not need to purchase expensive battery backups to store excess energy. This makes grid-connected systems more popular in residential spaces. Businesses also use the system to meet their daily needs and to earn revenue from the excess electricity generated. However, being connected to the grid means that consumers may have to deal with power outages.

The working principle of grid-connected solar systems

First, sunlight shines on the solar modules, the solar panels absorb the sunlight above them and convert them into electricity. The current generated here is direct current. Then, the solar inverter converts the direct current into alternating current, which is in line with the needs of the grid, and the electricity can then be used to power the grid. This power can then be delivered to the grid for daily use. It is important to note that the grid-connected system cannot be used and generate electricity when the grid is down. It is necessary to wait until the grid is working before the grid-connected system can work properly.

Easy to install, cost effective, and can generate income

1. Grid-connected solar systems are easy to install because there is no energy storage.
2. Because there is no energy storage, grid-connected systems offer very significant cost savings. Because batteries account for nearly half the cost of the entire system, choosing a grid-connected system is very cost effective.
3. Since it can be delivered to the grid, the user can get this part of the revenue. The larger the system, the more significant the revenue.

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