On-Grid solar energy system – Lower power (up to 15kW)

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5kW – On Grid solar energy system
10kW - On Grid solar energy system
15kW - On Grid solar energy system


Full set of solutions
All components of the system can be customized according to your needs !
Variety of brands to choose!
>> Higher Power – On Grid Solar Energy System

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With the rapid development of technology in the field of solar energy. To date, more and more people are installing solar power systems. There are several benefits of solar energy, especially in terms of reduced electricity costs and usage. It depends on the type of system you choose. Of the several different systems installed worldwide, grid-tied solar systems are one of the most common and widely used in homes and businesses.

Benefits of grid-connected solar energy

1. Zero electricity bill, can generate income
In an on-grid solar system, electricity generated by solar energy can be transmitted to the grid by connecting to the grid. At this point, the user can choose between self-generation with surplus power going online, or full grid connection to deliver the generated electricity to the grid and receive revenue. Therefore, under the consideration of electricity consumption and income generation, etc., customers can choose grid-connected systems. This also needs to be considered in conjunction with the return on investment, more specific questions can be answered by contacting customer service.

2. Easy to maintain
Grid-connected solar electric systems have a minimum number of components, only PV panels, inverters, controllers and some other components, making installation very simple. There are no batteries to maintain, so the cost of maintenance is much lower.

Issues to be aware of

Unlike hybrid inverters and off-grid systems, on-grid solar systems cannot operate or generate power during a power outage for safety reasons. And there are no batteries in on-grid systems to store energy. As a result, power supply interruptions can occur.

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